Wedding Venues In Florida

When choosing a venue for your big day, there are many things to consider. Your wedding will be one of the greatest moments of your life. It should be a special day, a day that feels like everything just fell into place, and out of it the best memories.

To have this be a day to remember because of all the happy moments, Chapel Valley Farm makes sure you have everything you need for your dream wedding. From choosing your wedding date to the location, time, and style, this article will touch on all those things.

Sunshine State

This sunshine state not only offers good weather but great Florida wedding venues. From the white sand beach, oak trees, historic hotels, key largo lighthouse beach, west palm beach, fort Myers beach, a hidden beach somewhere, Boca Raton, north Miami beach, south beach, an ancient Spanish monastery, Boynton beach, a luxurious spa, Biscayne bay, America’s oldest city, ocean key resort, palm beach county and Chapel Valley Farm in Eustis, this is an endless list of all the breathtaking places within and around the state of Florida. This should make choosing a wedding venue enjoyable. If you are worried and panicking, we are here to help answer your many questions and show you around.

Is Weather A Huge Factor?

We know that most couples choose a wedding venue based on the weather and this is just because they want to avoid rain, wind, and bad weather in general, to mention a few. But when are the best months to get married in Florida?

Best Months To Get Married In Florida

One of the first things that people need to consider when choosing where to have their wedding is what kind of weather are they planning for their wedding and where the wedding venue will be located. In Florida, the best months to get married are February to May, these times are considered wedding seasons in Florida. Although this may be known as the case there are other months that are great months to have wedding ceremonies and wedding parties in Florida. There are things to consider though when getting married during the busy wedding season. Hotel prices are busy, vendors get booked faster, vendors need more advanced notice, and during the holiday prices go up, and there can be travel delays. But the pros are that you have more relaxed days and evenings, fewer bugs and mosquitos, lots of local activities, and less chance of rain.

Off Season Weddings

Getting married off-season which is when wedding season has its perks, for example, cheaper rates for a wedding venue in Florida, Cheaper hotel prices for guests, more vendors to choose from, and less traffic when it comes to scheduling. The cons are that there will be a higher chance of rain, higher heat index, more bugs and mosquitoes, and shorter times for the ceremony and reception. But sometimes life dictates the times in which we have special moments like a wedding. That’s okay because at Chapel Valley Farm we offer indoor and outdoor weddings and different packages allowing you to customize your wedding according to your needs.

Wedding Location

Now the next question is, how do you select a wedding venue you like? Whether you’re having a destination wedding, a wedding venue, or an at-home wedding in your backyard. Choosing a wedding venue must happen before you get too far in your wedding planning process. Understanding how to pick the right venue might be tricky, but no worries because we will help you make that right pick.

It’s important to know what your location offers; for example, some venues host both ceremony and venue while others do one or the other. Understanding what type of space you need and what options are available on your wedding day is crucial. Whether you go with a wedding planner or let the event venue help you, we can all work together to ensure you have a wonderful experience. Check out our wedding packages page for a detailed description of what we offer.

Guest List

It’s essential to know your guest list, so you know how many people to expect and cater to. Knowing the guest list also helps determine what capacity you need to select the right venue. Another important thing is going for a venue that aligns with your aesthetic and vision of what you want your wedding to look like. A wedding venue is one of the first things you need to book, especially around wedding season, since people book them far in advance. Researching what wedding venues are available in your location will help you know what is available. Whether you type in “unique wedding venues”, “best wedding venues”, “rustic wedding venues”, or “elegant wedding venues,” all these will help you make your way to a wedding venue.

Florida Wedding Venue

Now that we have gone through the importance of finding a venue that works for you. We have to make sure we know what comes with the venue. For example, does it comes with both chairs and tables? Can I have a wedding reception there? Can I have a rehearsal dinner there? Can I have a wedding ceremony there? Other issues to consider are; Is traveling too much for most of my guests? Does the venue have outdoor spaces? If I’m doing an evening wedding, do I see it as a romantic wedding, and will I need a bridal suit?

Backup Options

After all the planning, it’s essential to have backup options, especially if you’re having an outdoor ceremony. A venue with ample backup plans B, C, and D is a plus. Venue’s reviews will tell you more about the venue. Hearing what other couples say and how their wedding went at the venue can give you peace of mind about the venue you choose.

In conclusion, have fun selecting your wedding venue. Be sure to consider the essential items you want for your wedding. Don’t let a wedding venue be one of your stressors as you plan your beautiful wedding. Chapel Valley Farm has all you need for your magical morning or romantic evening. Our all-inclusive wedding package allows you to relax while we provide you with all you need.

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